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Fall Colors – Sea Pines, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Photographs take on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina while walking on a Nature Trail in Sea Pines.

© Photography By: Nicholas Tobar

Pickney Island, South Carolina

Photograph taken On Pickney Island near Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. Have many more photograph from the trip and hope to share them with you soon.

© Photography By: Nicholas Tobar


Hang in There.

I love finding thing just walking about the light just seemed perfect as well. I was in Williamsburg, Brooklyn when I took this photograph.

© Photography By: Nicholas Tobar


Greek Gaze

Greek Sculpture at the Metropolitan Museum of Art In Manhattan NYC. One thing I really liked about going to The Met was taking photographs of the art work that made each piece seem unique to me.

© Photography By: Nicholas Tobar


White Ceiling

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While I was in Madison Square Park I noticed a light hanging from the entrance to a building across the street from the park. I decided to take a walk over and found this great architectural detail.

© Photography By: Nicholas Tobar

Street Finds

Artist Gio

Found this street art while walking around in Fort Greene, Brooklyn near the Brooklyn Academy of Music . I have decided one category that I am going to try to post more of is something that I am going to call street finds. Living in New York City I have the opportunity to see a lot of pieces of art that are done by talent artist that just happen to use the world around them as their canvas. It is extremely inspiring to me and I hope that you enjoy it and the photographs that I take of the art.

© Photography By: Nicholas Tobar

Black and White Photographs

Some black and white photography that I took in the Fort Greene and Atlantic Terminal areas of Brooklyn.

© By Nick Tobar

Fun with the Moon.

Here are some fun pictures that I took with my camera using movement and the moon. Hope you enjoy it was  fun to do something different. I do  wonder what the people in the buildings around me thought of a guy standing on the roof wiggling around his arms. All in the name of photography and fun!

© By: Nick Tobar