Fall Colors – Sea Pines, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Photographs take on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina while walking on a Nature Trail in Sea Pines.

© Photography By: Nicholas Tobar




You really do not know much about the houses and building that you walk past and all we really have to go by is what we see in the window or what we do not see in the window. It always makes me wonder about the history of the place and the stores that people would have to say about the building and the events that occurred within. Here are two sets of windows from the Brooklyn, NYC area that have very different purposes.

© By: Nick Tobar

Flower Portraits

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This set is of  portraits that I took of flowers that I did at the Botanical Garden. Yes, portraits are normally reserved for humans and perhaps other animals. However I do think that these photographs portray a sense of life and personality. It was actually pretty spectacular to get up close and personal with these plants. This entire project really made me relax and just enjoy the environment that was around me and retreat from the city of millions that I live in. Keep an eye out as well a few insects made their way into some of the photographs.

© Photographs By: Nick Tobar

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