Found Art – Fort Greene

Found another piece of artwork in Fort Greene by the artist GIO.

©Photography By: Nicholas Tobar


Street Finds

Artist Gio

Found this street art while walking around in Fort Greene, Brooklyn near the Brooklyn Academy of Music . I have decided one category that I am going to try to post more of is something that I am going to call street finds. Living in New York City I have the opportunity to see a lot of pieces of art that are done by talent artist that just happen to use the world around them as their canvas. It is extremely inspiring to me and I hope that you enjoy it and the photographs that I take of the art.

© Photography By: Nicholas Tobar

Broken Or Put Back Together

Photography By: Nicholas Tobar

So what do you think is this heart-broken or has it healed? When I saw this to me it looked like a broken heart that was put back together.

Photography By: Nicholas Tobar

Street Art

Here are a few pieces of street art that I found in the Soho and Brooklyn areas of New York. Street art really inspires me and I find it to be an extremely creative way for people to express themselves. Following other mediums of art that I am not good at allows me to understand different perspective on visual arts and only helps me to learn and grow towards my goals.

© Photographs By: Nick Tobar

Street Inspiration

Walking around sometimes you just happen upon pieces that inspire you. In this collection you will see one photograph that a homeless man in Brooklyn writes inspirational messages on. A Tibetan prayer flay stock in a sign poll I do not know if it was intentional, but even if someone took the time to pick it up to show respect that is inspiring. And a street installation that shows you can find are anywhere.

Photography By: Nick Tobar

Streets are the Urban Museum

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I really enjoy the creativity of street art and some of the tags that I find in the Brooklyn Area really stick out to me. I also like when you can tell that the piece has been there for a while and is starting to fade away. Every time I find a piece on the street that stands out to me my mind starts to wonder and I like to think about who put it there why they choose this piece and what point are they trying to convey if any point at all. Take a look and I hope that you enjoy and can come up with some of your own stories and reasons why someone made this piece. The Streets are the Urban Museum

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