Hang in There.

I love finding thing just walking about the light just seemed perfect as well. I was in Williamsburg, Brooklyn when I took this photograph.

© Photography By: Nicholas Tobar



Street Finds

Artist Gio

Found this street art while walking around in Fort Greene, Brooklyn near the Brooklyn Academy of Music . I have decided one category that I am going to try to post more of is something that I am going to call street finds. Living in New York City I have the opportunity to see a lot of pieces of art that are done by talent artist that just happen to use the world around them as their canvas. It is extremely inspiring to me and I hope that you enjoy it and the photographs that I take of the art.

© Photography By: Nicholas Tobar

Look UP


Sometimes it is nice to just look up. Today I was able to get a few cool pictures by doing so. The First is of a building in Brooklyn Heights, NYC. I like the lines of the photograph and the sky was really vibrant. The second photograph is of the american flag and Lower Manhattan with One World Trade Center in the background. At first I had a hard time getting the right position to get the flag and One WTC in the photograph but in the end it seemed to work out.

© Photography By: Nicholas Tobar


Broken Or Put Back Together

Photography By: Nicholas Tobar

So what do you think is this heart-broken or has it healed? When I saw this to me it looked like a broken heart that was put back together.

Photography By: Nicholas Tobar

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