Frozen Faces


Photographs taken in Brooklyn Heights, New York City.

© Photography By: Nicholas Tobar



Prospect Park Zoo

The Prospect Park Zoo  is in Brooklyn, New York and is one of the most peaceful Zoos I have ever been to it was very relaxing to walk around and at times be the only person at one of the animals. That is what happened to me with the sea lions, and at first they would just swim by and lift their heads out of the water. Then out no where they started to jump up on the side and like they wanted to be photographed. Then there was the shall be say bashful peacock, it seemed to be playing tricks with me. It would open it feathers behind trees,  all I would see of it would be a few of the feathers, but in the end I captured a great photograph with the feathers down. I think it is fitting as this peacock seemed to want to be seen this way and not as a fancy peacock.

This trip to the zoo was extremely exciting and it gave me a chance to work with the animals. Since they are moving  a lot of the time it gave me a new experience on waiting for the shot and also working with the movements of the animal.

Photography By: Nick Tobar

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