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Photographs that I took of some Ivy that stood out to me in the neighborhood.

© By Nick Tobar

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Bridge Photographs Black and White

Views of the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge. You are able to find some of the greatest views from you regular places that you stand on the street. Over that past few weeks since I have started this blog my world has just expanded because I am more aware of the people, things and environment around me.  It is another aspect of photography that I love it keeps you aware and present in the moment.



You really do not know much about the houses and building that you walk past and all we really have to go by is what we see in the window or what we do not see in the window. It always makes me wonder about the history of the place and the stores that people would have to say about the building and the events that occurred within. Here are two sets of windows from the Brooklyn, NYC area that have very different purposes.

© By: Nick Tobar

Sitting in Fort Greene Park – Black and White

This photograph to me shows the calm of Fort Greene Park, but also shows the city just beyond the trees. The lady sitting on the bench really just gives this photograph feeling and emotion. I am glad I was able to capture this photograph this lady just seemed completely relaxed and unaffected by the world outside the park. Which is exactly how I try to feel when I go here.

© By Nick Tobar

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