Prospect Park Zoo Peek

Went to the Prospect Park Zoo. Got some great shots. Here is a peek at a post to come.

Photographs By: Nick Tobar


Nikon N80 35mm – Come Back

This was the camera that I started college with in 2004 and took what I think where so great photographs with. This camera has not been used for a few years now and I am excited to incorporate into my journey of renewing my passion for photography. Hopefully this afternoon it will be up and running and I will be able to explore taking photographs on film again. I thought about the possibility of selling it to get money to put towards a new Digital SLR, but there really is a lot of history one holds onto with a camera. I can look at a photograph that I took in the past with this camera and remember right where I was standing and how I was feeling. When you are out taking photographs it really is you and your camera.


Nick Tobar


Black and White Portraits


I took these portraits a few years ago. They are photographs that I took with in FILM and was working on exposure with them in the dark room. When I found these it brought back a lot of memories of the people who are in them and the smell of the dark room and it really is amazing when you look at a photograph that you spent a lot of time with you can flash back to standing there trying to get the right exposure or trying to burn in certain areas to make them stand out.

Look into my World

For this Blog I decided I wanted to post pictures that I took of windows. They have a lot of character and allow us to come up with our own stories of what has happened with in them. Take a moment to look at these photographs and feel free to respond with the emotion that a window makes you feel or perhaps a brief story of what goes on with in the window.

Blog and Photographs By: Nick Tobar

Sculpture Work

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Went over the discover the sculptures on the PRATT campus today. There was a lot of really interesting pieces on the campus and here are some of them from my point of view. I really find that everyone perceives art in a different way. That is going to be based on prior experiences in one’s life,  also think that we are different heights, stand differently, and approach things at different distances and angles. So here it is from my view(finder).

Nick Tobar

Chicago Black and White

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These are photographs that I took a few years back. I found them and have not shared my work from the past with that many people. So here are some of the black and white photographs from my past. Thank you for taking to time to take a look. Recently I have gained a rejuvenation in my passion for photography and it makes me sad that I lost my passion for a few years. But living with regret is no way to live. So I hope you enjoy these photograph that have been locked away for a while.


Photographs By Nick Tobar.



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I moved too Brooklyn a few months ago. I really do feel as though the move here is helping me to discover things about myself that I have forgotten. I took some pictures in my area. I find the culture of this city to be inspiring and the people who I have met here have been extremely friendly and encouraging. Here is Brooklyn from my eyes.


Photography By Nick Tobar

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